Depression,anxiety attacks and teenage life!

I was something different than my parents,my family and my friends! Actually,much different. Their aims for me and my aims for myself and for them clashed many a times.

My teenage life was totally filled up with screamings,irritation,impatience,anxiety attacks,misfortunes and what to say more,just like a person going into the world of depression!

Going through all these situations but still smiling and laughing with my family was indeed my greatest strength. Crying without any reason was OK but how to make my eyes white normal from the red ones was really a great and difficult task. Forbading my doleful face when sitting in the living room in front of the television! Silently moving to my parents’ room to sleep when I used to have anxiety attacks at 2pm and lying with a reason that I was unable to sleep there in my room, the next morning was tough for me!They don’t know this till now because I was a great hider,concealer and a great lier with a PhD degree in lying!

Acting to sleep for the whole night but sleeping at 5 am when I should have waken up for studying and then receiving more scoldings by my parents used to mark the worst beginning of my day almost every day!

Depression was just killing me! And anxiety attacks were it’s sword! I had almost stopped laughing and smiling! But mentoring through someone helped me out!

But what helped me overcome from all these was a desire to do something,to do something bigger and greater! Life is all about desires and the most important ‘fulfilling the desires!’ Life kicks you and you have sudden pain but still you move forward not backwards! And some people suddenly come into your lives whom you don’t know but still they become our mentors! Just like this I met a writer who kicked me and pushed me forward! Loving our own self is important and accepting yourself is the most important!

Depression and anxiety attacks are like drugs, the more you have them! The more they have you in them! ~Deepika bhattad

The choice is yours – •To hang on the rope tied on the fan! Or To live in depression ! You are dead in both the situations! But there exist the third one too, finding a ray of hope amid black clouds! The choice is yours!!🖤

Readers, I’m writing a book too on this topic “Reaching Adulthood With Depression And Anxiety Attacks”

Thankyou readers!!! #stayconnected #miracleofwords #writersofyourquote #writerdeepika #overcomefromdepressionfastly

“Black is beautifuL”🖤

~ Deepikabhattad♡

After all the deprived comments by my class at the age of 10..,I ran to my house after the school ends and directly asked my family directly…! “Why am I brown? nd others are fair”

Why? Was their reply…! “Everyone refused to be with me and insulted me bcoz of my skin colour in the crowd…!!!!!!!!!! I was strong at my face but was very emotional and broken at that time….I was just thinking “why I am brown at colour?” “Why they insulted me in the whole crowd?” “Why only me?” “I am too a human being!!!”😶😭🥺

Just then the person who reads my heart by seeing my face of course my mother…said something which touched me and which could only make me calm…”Black is beautiful…Milky bar may be the most delicious chocolate but Dairymilk is always loved the most!🍫♥️” She said!!

All I want to say that!!!!

White clothes may be very beautiful but gets dirty too early…If white is the best,then why the colour ‘Black is going on the trend? Why ? Why? 🖤

There are people who cover their black mindsets with a fair skin…But there are people who have a fair heart which beats fluently and never thinks greedily…but only their bodies are covered with a dark skin!🖤 Yes ,I’m not’s true!

Blacks in S Africa who were oppressed by the whites all the time…could have taken revenge from whites about their humiliating past after the freedom the acquired through non-violence….but they didn’t do that…instead they wished to create a nation where all the colours of the world could fit in and establish a “Rainbow nation🌈”

Skin colour doesn’t defines uh..but your personality does!!♥️

Never give up from life!


If Nelson Mandela would have given up the dream of making south africa a colourful nation…today the blacks must be the most deprived class there…..if we have the potential to overcome the difficulties,everything is possible but the only thing is that you have to be a fighter nd a survivor🌚

It’s hard to stay strong when you feel like giving up. It feels like your world is crumbling down around you, and there is no option out. The reason why we think like this is because we forget about the big picture. We focus on the minor things and not the major things that are important in our life.⚡

Every day is a struggle if you have a negative mindset, when you are wallowing in pity and misery it is hard to see the good and the true potential that is inside of you⚡

Suicide is not a solution…it’s’s an escape from our responsibilities.!😂🥱

I wonder for the people who are deprived of their life , that “they’re so brave to commit suicide,but they are not brave enough to face their problems”😏🥴😖 Hey you who are reading this blog,just remember that I will always be there to listen your depressed life’s story rather than to attend your funeral…🙃

Wait for the miracles…but never ever give up coz miracles don’t come by reminders💫

Express your love guys…Express what you feel and what you’re suffering from coz human beings are not god who can read minds..♥️

If need help,ask for it…if you need love,express for it…if you need a friend,shake hands nd talk people…but all the thing you have to is to Say!!!
If you’ll not say,nothing will be done ⭐

Depression isn’t pretty..But having depression does not make you ugly… Anxiety is a burden but having anxiety doesn’t makes you a burden….. You aren’t your deserve respect and patience..⭐

Sunset may be dark but the next day sunrise makes everything bright♥️

Thankyouu readers♥️

~deepika bhattad💫

Get out of your own way⭐

The biggest barrier to success and personal fulfilment is the person looking back at you from the mirror as you get ready for the day ahead. He or she is also the single most powerful person in your life.  You may be used to looking elsewhere for the things you want and need, hoping for someone to do something for you or blaming them when they don’t, but in reality there is only one person who can actually make those things happen.

The sad thing is, if you’re like so many of your fellow human beings you will regularly and repeatedly stop yourself from doing what you most want to do. You will get in your own way.

We may be plagued by any number of common conditions, such as starting something and not finishing it, making bad decisions or (even worse) no decision at all. We may lack confidence and the root of confidence, which is self-belief. We may not think we deserve success, that there is no point in trying, that we may be ridiculed or judged. 

Get out of your own way…nd let your life shine as much as the sun💫 STOP BEING YOUR WORST ENEMY AND BE YOUR OWN BESTFRIEND FOR EVER….♥️

The world is full of people who have achieved things that we think we could also achieve but somehow don’t. We may be in the habit of comparing ourselves with those people and feeling inferior or resentful, or we may look for unfair advantages that they have and we don’t. We may bemoan fate or luck. But in the end, we are the ones who stand in our own way of success.⭐

I hope this miracle may have changed your life’s position and you have got your own way….another miracle coming soon….Thankyou Readers♥️ Keep supporting😇

You are enough dude!

Stop doing the work for a while…stop thinking what you are and stop searching someone’s shoulders to cry and someone’s jokes to laugh…. It’s always been a post to remind you that..”YOU ARE ENOUGH”💫

Nobody has the power to stop you! Nobody has the power to make you feel solitaire… Coz YOU ARE ENOUGH AND YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN YOU!

Your inner soul has everything you want dude….your inner soul ,your conscience is only your teacher, your preacher,your friend and your counselor but it can also be your inner devil if used badly…

It’s on you whether you wanna be yourself whether an angel or devil

It’s only you who can help yourself…just remember the fact that you are enough…you don’t need someone to fulfill the place of happiness….🖤

“You are not alone…loneliness is always with you”♥️


You don’t need to be a dog for someone who don’t even cares about you….you are fulfilled in yourself🖤nothing goes on but be yourself….be younique💫

~Deepika bhattad🎀

The shadow side of greatness💫

Greatness…’s something that we can’t measure but people still see it in others….it can achieved either by mastering a talent or being creative or both! It’s something that people may waste their whole life on achieving this but maybe they never achieved..coz greatness is not measured and achieved by what a man or a women accomplishes but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach their goals!


Obstabcles make you great…and greatness comes with obstacles….don’t run away from them instead meet them and face!!!

Strive to progress dude….greatness will come running to meet you💫

Success comes with a shadow side and hidden costs…don’t claim for the greatness…just claim and work hard to be great”

Responsibility is the most important figure in a great personality…✌
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